Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Super Science Guy Lives Up to His Title

Richard Askey recently entertained a group of young children at my daughter's 7th birthday party.  He was voted best children's entertainer in Middle Tennessee in 2011.  He will come to wherever you want to host your party.

He is very affable, humorous, and likable.  He also gets every child involved in hands-on science experiments.  He came to our birthday party site, called up the day before the party to confirm the details, and was prompt.

I really appreciated that he did not limit the number of guests, set up and cleaned up after his experiments.  He took a lot of hassle out of the party and most importantly gave my child a party that she will always remember. He performed experiments such as:
  • huge bubbles
  • dancing coins
  • fizzy surprise
  • silly putty
  • electricity
  • foaming experiments
  • electricity experiments

 A 1-hour birthday is $150.  You can purchase additional features such as:
  • rocket launch for $20.
  • speed racer car for $10.
  • a volcano cake (feeds 15-20 people) for for $30.
  • cotton candy for $20.
You can also purchase a complete birthday package for $215, which is a $15 discount.
You can also watch a video of his science experiments at  If you need more information, you can call him at (615) 589-1968 or e-mail him at

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